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Anonymous asked:

sam pepper recently made a video of him pinching random girls butts without their permission. please use your magic internet powers to fix this


I’m horrified by what I saw of the video. It seems to me an obvious violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service, and I don’t understand why YouTube hasn’t already taken it down. This harassment and abuse can call itself pranks, but it isn’t; it’s abuse. It needs to stop—whether uploaded to YouTube or vine or facebook or wherever. It’s just reprehensible, and further indication that we have a lot to discuss when it comes to consent, harassment, and abuse both online and off. 

Obviously I don’t have magical internet powers to fix this (or any other problems), but I do understand that Hank and I have a platform, and we are trying to amplify and fund creators who are fighting to inform more people about abuse and consent, including Kelly Kend’s documentary. A nerdfighter task force continues to develop a video series about consent and abuse online, which is taking a while because it needs to be properly researched and written and funded and so on, but it will happen.


SPN10 Countdown Challenge - [5/23]

Left: Scene from 9x05 - Dog Dean Afternoon

Right: Various scenes of Dean with the Mark of Cain and Demon!Dean

The scene on the left came at the end of a relatively lighthearted episode, in which Dean runs around as a dog. Sam is confused as to why the guy they were hunting wanted to know what he was (Sam not knowing yet that he is possessed by an angel). Originally, it was foreshadowing Ezekiel, or rather Gadreel, taking full control over Sam’s body, and running away. However on rewatch, I also feel that this scene foreshadows even further to Dean getting the Mark of Cain, losing control of himself, and ultimately becoming a demon.

"He was possessed by something he couldn’t control. It was…It was just a matter of time before it completely took over. You can’t reason with crazy, right?" - Dean, 9x05

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